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May 11, 2001 -From Sheldon Harvey,President, Canadian International DX Club:
We’ve been to this dance, already, too many times in the past; the Canadian public having to stand up and voice support for Canada’s international radio voice,
Radio Canada International, now, once again being threatened by illogical and ill-advised cuts...

These cutbacks will basically amount to the elimination of Radio Canada International weekend, in-house produced news broadcasts in Canada’s two official languages, English and French.
[Ed: and in all five foreign languages.] Canadians abroad, and others tuning into RCI broadcasts on weekends, will receive repackaged, condensed CBC domestic newscasts in place of the specialized RCI product, produced for an international audience...

Supporting groups like the Canadian International DX Club, Canada’s national radio monitoring club, together with international radio monitors around the world, are calling out for action, and reaction from concerned individuals and groups.

Correspondence in support of a moratorium on the proposed changes at RCI being implemented by the CBC, and for a stabilization and securing of RCI services,
are being solicited from supporters of RCI.  Comments, reactions and suggestions should be forwarded to:

The Honourable Sheila Copps
Canadian Heritage Minister, Ottawa, ON

Mr. Robert O’Reilly
Executive Director, Radio Canada International
Box 6000, Montreal, QC H3C 3A8

with copies of correspondence to The RCI Action
Committee at: e-mail:

.......[signed by] Sheldon Harvey
President, Canadian International DX Club