WHAT’S THE RCI ACTION COMMITTEE? The Committee is an ad hoc coalition of employees and RCI supporters resurrected from the Coalition to Restore Full RCI Funding. The Coaltion was crucial to saving RCI in the numerous budget crises from 1990 till 1996. The Coalition was responsible for getting a Senate Inquiry started into the 1991 budget cuts which concluded RCI should get more funding.

MANDATE OF RCI: Under the Broadcasting Act, CBC is mandated to provide an international service. Dedicated funding of $15.52 million a year comes from Canadian Heritage, which says “RCI is the chosen instrument for implementing that mandate.”

CBC Corporate Policy No 14 which came into effect May 13, 1980 says RCI is to provide “daily shortwave broadcasts”  “designed to attract an international audience with the purpose of further developing international awareness of Canada...through shortwave and other means...The responsibility for the implementation and application of this policy rests with Radio Canada International. The Director of Radio Canada International leads the CBC representation at the consultative meetings held with the Department of External Affairs.”

RCI broadcasts in seven languages: Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. It has English and French newscasts and programming specially tailored to explain Canadian news to an international non-Canadian audience.

CANADIAN HERITAGE MINISTER, SHEILA COPPS ON RCI in 1998: “RCI has been a proud ambassador of Canada around the world for 53 years. This investment in its infrastructure will keep the service strong and viable in the digital future.” Source: Canadian Heritage press release announcing capital funding to rebuild RCI’s ageing infrastructure.

In an interview with RCI on May 3, 2001: “I think the government has had a chance to understand and rethink the importance of RCI as an international voice for Canada to the world. And the investment that we’re making in RCI, is part of that permanent package...there are many, many millions of people who still depend on shortwave radio for that reliable service...”
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