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These are the Power Point notes from the presentation by RCI Executive Director Robert O’Reilly to staff on Wednesday morning, May 23, 2001:

Radio Canada International – Redeployment Plan

The budgetary constraints combined with the ideas suggested by RCI staff at the Spring 2000 consultations lead to the following basic action plan:

To continue daily broadcasts in 7 languages.
Tightening and concentration of broadcasting day.
Production activities scheduled only during the week.

Program changes:

All programs will be half hour long.
Two English and French daily programs from Monday to Friday.
Weekly English and French theme programs for target audiences:
Canada in the world
International Trade and Technology
Meet the Press
Arts and Culture
Mailbag and chat

Foreign language programming:
Daily programs from Monday to Friday.
Weekly programs.

Multi Media (all languages)
Enhancement and development of Web programming
Enhancement of programming for partner stations and for different platforms

To follow up RCI programming with:
Industry and business
International organizations
Cultural organizations, etc.

[June 1, last broadcast of morning shows in English and French to Africa, the Middle East and Europe, last evening broadcast to India]
June2-3: First fully recorded weekend programs with no newscasts.
June 4: Production of two English and French daily current affairs magazines (present format)
June 11: Half-hour format for all foreign language programs.
October 1: Daily half hour format in English and French start (two in each language)
October 6: New weekly French and English programs, first aired during the weekend and repeated during the week, following the daily program.
November 5: Start of regular program evaluations (all programs)

Internal posting of new assignments: June
Selection: July, August
Creation of new programs teams: late August
Training period (early September)
English and French: production of pilots: mid-September

The Future:
To actively participate in the positioning of RCI at the centre of the CBC and Radio-Canada [our domestic English and French service's] international strategy
To actively participate in the review of RCI’s mission
To examine potential synergies with the CBC and Radio-Canada

[CBC is our domestic English language radio and television service,
Radio-Canada is our French language radio and television service.]

See also the background to the cuts, and an excerpt of an interview with RCI Executive Director Robert O'Reilly.
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