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For years RCI's international mandate has been defined within the Corporate and Program Policies of our domestic service the CBC/Radio-Canada which is also our administrator.

In 2005, these policies (No 14 and 18) were eliminated. See note at the bottom of this page. Here is part of what the corporate policies said about the RCI mandate:

CBC Corporate Policy No. 14  Effective: May 13, 1980

"Radio Canada International is the voice of Canada abroad. It reaches audiences by daily shortwave broadcasts in selected languages in appropriate regions of the world…

Radio Canada International is directed by the CBC to provide a program service designed to attract an international audience
with the purpose of further developing international awareness of Canada and the Canadian identity by distributing, through shortwave and other means, programs which reflect the realities and quality of Canadian life and culture….

RCI must comply with general CBC Program Policies as well as those Program Policies as well as those Program Policies developed specifically for RCI’s operations.

Responsibility for the implementation and application of this policy rests with Radio Canada International."

CBC Program Policy No. 18  Effective: July 6, 1994

"RCI’s program personnel, in carrying out the various elements of this objective, must consider the following:….

Underlying all RCI programming is the awareness that Canada is not as well known abroad as it should be, that its image has not kept pace with realities, and that it is not represented on foreign newsstands by a Canadian daily or weekly press, nor by any but the most superficial coverage in foreign media.

To “attract an international audience,” RCI programming must be adapted to target audience interests and knowledge. The emphasis within information programming must be on topicality in order to reach the interested audience for shorwtwave…

4. One important function of RCI is to “reflect…Canada’s national interests and policies, and the spectrum of Canadian viewpoints on national and international affairs.” 
This task should be carried out fairly, accurately, in accord with the CBC’s program policies on news and current affairs which apply to RCI as fully as to the domestic networks. Inherent in these policies is the recognition that the free expression of opinion in all its variety is a reality of the Canadian way of life.

5. However,
in shortwave, there should be particular concern for balance, wherever possible, within a single transmission or program, as there is no guarantee or even likelihood that the audience is the same from day to day ore week to week, and the idea of balance over a period of time has not the same plausibility as in domestic programming."

The RCI mandate continues to be changed see details.
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