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The latest? We can now apply for our jobs.

June 5, 2001 – It’s seems everyday at RCI now brings with it surprises: It’s Tuesday, and we now know what jobs we can apply for.

Did I say apply for? That’s right. All of the permanent staff members who remain after the cuts which began on the weekend, will have to apply for all existing and new positions.

It’s true we don’t have to worry about losing a job (for now) but we are all being asked to apply for positions in the new re-structured RCI that will begin in October.

What does that mean? We’re not sure.

At first glance, this is the “Redeployment Plan” announced by Executive Director Robert O’Reilly on May 23. The details, even for those of us on the inside, are complicated. Even basic questions are unanswered. Are there more positions than we can fill with our present staff, or are there too many people for the positions available?

What is clear, is that we are being re-organized, and that has nothing to do with budgets. In fact, the RCI administration has decided to give certain announcer-producers some managerial functions, for which they will be paid extra.

We’ll try to get you more details, as time permits. The future of our organization and the type of programming we’re being asked to do in this new structure does not reassure us.

Some details of the new program objectives and audiences
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