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Take listener needs into account
and look at the reality of the situation

Dear People:

This routine of having to save RCI is getting tiresome.

Someone in the Canadian government keeps hoping to believe that gutting Radio Canada International budgets is somehow going to bring a financial windfall to the Federal Government.

It was not true in the past & it is still not true.

RCI services are listened to worldwide by intelligent people from educators to businessmen to journalists to students, etc., etc.

RCI needs both shortwave and internet outlets.

Shortwave continues to be the mainstay, as, even in developed nations, long-term internet use is TOO COSTLY. The portable receivers that allow for shortwave reception cannot be replaced by any other mode at present. Has anyone seen low-cost (1 payment) portable internet services available?

Even though I use the internet, I still prefer to tune in to RCI via your shortwave relays in Japan & China because I do not have to sit fixed to the chair in front of my computer.

I am fortunate enough to be able to afford the monthly cable fee. But I regularly use my shortwave radio.

I also know of Canadian citizens who reside outside the main urban areas here in Japan. They have no cable connections and no satellite dishes. Shortwave is the only way for them to keep up with English-language news from Canada and other overseas nations.

I sincerely hope those with the authority take listener needs into account and look at the reality of the situation.

The internet is not a panacea. Just as internet access alone is not going to feed and provide water for the people of the developing world, it also cannot inform those in both developed and developing worlds where the infrastructure and costs DO NOT ALLOW IT.

Best regards,

Ralph Famularo, Osaka, Japan