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RCI situation raised in House of Commons

Christiane Gagnon, opposition Member of Parliament for Quebec, is the spokesperson for Bloc Québécois Party on Canadian Heritage. She raised the RCI situation in the House of Commons Question Period, Wednesday afternoon, 13 June.

Please note this is an unofficial translation of the exchange which took place in French:

Christiane Gagnon, Bloc Québécois:
“Mr Speaker in an article in the La Presse [newspaper], we were informed that there will be no newscasts produced by Radio Canada International on weekends. Even though three months ago the Ministry of Canadian Heritage signed a one year accord with the CBC [RCI’s domestic service] in which  the CBC guaranteed the services of Radio Canada International without [any] cuts. Can the Minister explain why the present accord is not being respected and can she assure that the services of Radio Canada International will continue as planned last month?”

Response of Canadian Heritage Minister Sheila Copps:

“We must remember it was this government that saved Radio Canada International. And it is also true that the future of  Radio Canada International will enjoy a good partnership, and we are happy that CBC will be in partnership with Radio Canada International in this accord, because with the power of CBC and the strength of Radio Canada International we will do beautiful things together.”

Other statements by Sheila Copps on RCI.

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